Your roof keeps the South Florida sun, rain, and wind out of your home. Roof problems lead to leaks, mold, rot, skyrocketing energy bills, and diminished property value. Maintaining your roofing in Port St. Lucie should be a top priority.

As roofers in Port St. Lucie, we know that roofing costs can be stressful and that you don’t want a complete roof replacement when a patching or repair will do. Which one do you need? Here’s how to decide.

Start With An Inspection

Roofers in Port St. Lucie, Florida, are experienced in inspecting your roof up close; we recommend you stay on the ground and scan with binoculars for signs of damage, such as loose nails, rusty flashing, or missing shingles.

How Old Is Your Roof?

Different roofing materials have different lifespans. Shingles may only last 15 years, whereas tile or metal roofs can last 50 years or more. If your roof is nearing the end of its expected service life, ethical roofers in Port St. Lucie advise replacement rather than repair.

You could find yourself on a treadmill paying for roof repairs when you’ll have to replace it soon anyway. A complete roof replacement makes better financial sense. Port St. Lucie roofers will also struggle to color-match shingles on an old roof, diminishing curb appeal.

Other Financial Considerations

Repairing or patching roofing in Port St. Lucie is cheaper than replacement, but piecemeal repairs can void manufacturer warranties.

As experienced roofers in Port St. Lucie, we recommend that homeowners planning to sell soon have their roofs replaced: you’ll attract more buyers, sell faster, and recoup as much as 70% of your investment.

With these incentives, it’s time to start searching for a local “roofing company near me”!

Minor Damage and Slight Leaks

Port St. Lucie roofers can repair or patch minor damage such as :

  • A few cracked or missing shingles
  • Algae discoloration (no more than 30% of your roof)
  • Some damaged flashing
  • Minor leaks

Anything bigger will probably require a replacement.

Severe Damage and Sagging

Gutters clogged with shingle granules are a sign to call in roofers in Port St. Lucie. Multiple areas of curling or buckling shingles, massive gaps, serious leaks (or multiple leaks), rot in your attic or siding, and (most urgently) a sagging ridgeline indicate that roofing on Port St. Lucie homes needs replacing.

Extreme Weather

An extreme weather event, such as hail, high wind, or a hurricane, may cause relatively minor damage that roofers in Port St. Lucie, Florida, can treat with repair or patching. Your insurance company will probably pay for such damage.

However, the full force of hurricane winds or wind-flung debris can result in severe damage to roofing in Port St. Lucie that warrants complete replacement, even if your roof is only a few years old.

If you’re expecting severe weather and your roof has minor damage, get roofers in Port St. Lucie to repair it rather than wait till the storm has passed. Wind getting under the roof or water damage in your home’s interior can cause enormous amounts of damage.

What Now?

If you’re unsure how to proceed, contact roofers in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate. We can give you expert advice.

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